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3 Postcard Set
17.5 x 12 cm /  6.9 x 4.7 in
Heavy, 300 gram paper, velvety “soft feel” texture

“These pictures show the real Berlin night.”Berliner Zeitung

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In der Fremde: Pictures from Home is a haunting, cinematic survey of Berlin as seen through the lens of an eternal outsider. Framed by Alaeff’s complex familial background, spanning from Yemen to the former USSR, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Israel/Palestine, and the United States, the photographs are tinged with a deep sense of longing and touch on themes of migration, belonging, and the universal search for home.

Essays by: Yuval Noah Harari, Christian Rattemeyer, Charles Simic, Eva Hoffman, Rory MacLean, Joseph Kertes, and Romeo Alaeff.

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

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“Alaeff’s fascination with the mundane, the accessible and the authentic, presents itself casually to the observer, if one is open to the magic of the unexpected.”
— Berliner Zeitung

“En Route to the Witching Hour: The photographer Romeo Alaeff shows another side of Berlin”
— Mit Vergnügen

“Photographic representations of Berlin often fixate on transgressive parties, political histories, or tourist landmarks. In this landscape, In Der Fremde is a singular document. Much like in Robert Frank’s The Americans, the photographs reveal the keen but estranged observations of the Ausländer, the enduring stranger in a strange land. In this context, the images are investigative, but keep their distance; they are impassive and serene, yet also tinged with melancholy and alienation. Technically impressive, the photographs are dark and atmospheric, yet luminous and crisp with detail, like carefully staged film sets. Alaeff appears to make no conscious attempt to document Berlin’s glamorous or seedy underground, even if at times he inadvertently does. Rather, the hauntingly beautiful images depict a sense of longing, a search for home, and an unrequited love for the city.”
— Ines Dobosic, Architect and Urban Planner, Eller + Eller Architekten

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